Hasegawa Tripod Ladders

Hasegawa Tripod Ladders will be on display at CanWest Horticultural Expo on Wednesday, September 28 & Thursday, September 29.

Abbotsford, BC
Booths 742 & 743

Show Hours: 10am – 5pm

Contest: Win the Most Amazing Ladder Ever!

Below are the contest details from phoenixperennials.com – Please keep in mind that these ladders are in Vancouver and won’t be shipped to the island if won.

Win The Most Amazing Ladder Ever!

When Susanne Osmond, one of our favourite garden designers and landscapers, told me she was importing “amazing” tripod ladders from Japan I thought to myself “How different can a ladder be? My step ladders work just fine.” Now that I have been to the top of one of her Hasegawa 8 foot platform tripods I realize there is no comparison between the rickety ladders I’ve been climbing up and down all my life and this magnificent, shining creation from Japan. We have it on display right now at the nursery so you can come and see it.

AND! You can enter a contest right now to win it! 
Phoenix Perennials owner Gary Lewis and our friend Susanne Osmond, the importer of these amazing Hasegawa ladders.

Hasegawa Platform Ladders

Description: Specialty pruning ladder, made by Hasegawa from Japan, well known throughout Japan for the safety, stability and practicality of the tripod design. Ask any gardener or nurseryman in Japan which ladders they use and they all say the same thing: Hasegawa.

Essential for large topiary and pruning jobs, hedges too. Also ideal for orchard work, both for pruning and picking. Wide base, no wobble and remarkably light! Made from hollow aluminum, they have a wide, stable base; deep, comfortable steps and work platforms; clever adjustable third leg that allows you to work on sloping or uneven ground.

Their many sensible safety features include a chain that attaches the 3rd leg to the main ladder frame so that it will never slide away or splay out; claw feet grip the ground and optional rubber “boots” cover the feet to allow for use on paved surfaces.

The platform model provides extra support and comfort that is ideal for jobs where you may be standing on the ladder for longer periods of time. Or if you’re not so comfortable on a ladder. The platform model allows you to lean into the “crow’s nest” without getting bruised shins, and you can hang onto the top rail or hang your tools or picking bag on it.

And the weblink for all the info about the platform model.

Value: $376

To Enter the Contest: 
1. Visit Susanne’s Main Ladders Page: http://susanneosmond.com/garden/ladders/
2. Find the answer to the two-part skill-testing question: In what famous garden did Susanne first discover the Hasegawa ladder and how many people were fighting over it every day?
3. Email us at phoenixperennials@shaw.ca (Yes you have to put the @ sign in there.) with your Name, City, Phone Number, and your answer to the skill testing question. Put “Ladder Contest” in the subject line.

Good Luck! One entry per person but feel free to tell all your friends. If one of them wins you can borrow the ladder from them! We will draw the contest winner September 30th and announce the winner in the October E-Newsletter. Contest entrants will also receive one email from us notifying you of the contest winner.