Wenman place, victoria

This garden has undergone a major transformation: from looming and overgrown to open and intensely colourful and joyous.Half the central bed had been swallowed by a dense and steadily roaming clump of yellow bamboo. Four of the structural features in the garden had been entirely consumed by massive ivy lumps and balls.

A mature deodor cedar, previously topped, towered over the entrance to the garden.The client wanted a makeover – more flowers in all seasons, especially in fall and winter when the garden was bare save for the evergreen monsters – but also desired absolute privacy from neighbours and screening of unattractive views. The only way forward was to remove the overwhelming offenders completely to clear the way for a more balanced and satisfying mix of plant material.

Just one and a half years later and the garden is full to the brim with an ever-changing tapestry of flowers, foliage and fragrance.